Apply for Funding

IU Funding Board Application Guide

1. Click here or navigate to on your web browser.

2. Click the “My Budget Requests” button.
Click on My Budge Requests

3. Click “+ Create Request.” ***Note: You can only submit a funding request if you have the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Officer position notation in BeINvolved. If you do not, you will need to have one of those members submit the application or be added as an officer for your organization.***
Click Create Request

4. Choose one of the three budget requests forms based on the following criteria:

a. Conference/Trip Request Form: Use this form if your event will be an off-campus conference or trip that students from your organization will attend.

b. Event Funding Request From: Use this form for any event that your organization will host on-campus, in Bloomington, or at Bradford Woods.

c. Late Nite Event Funding Request From: Use this form if your event is happening between 9:00 PM and 2:00 AM on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday with the intention of operating as a Late Nite event in coordination with IU Late Nite programming guidelines.

***For the purposes of this guide, the most common request type (Event Funding Request Form) will be utilized.***
Picture 3

5. Choose the organization that you are applying for in the “Request Owner” field, input the event name in the “Request Title” field, and input a short event description in the “Description” field.
Picture 4

6. Complete all required fields on the “Organization Information” page.
Picture 5

7. Complete all required fields on the “Event Information” page. 8.
Picture 6

8. On the “Event Budget” page, click “+ Add Item” in the “Other Sources of Revenue” section to enter each source of revenue that ha already been received for the event (personal donations, departmental donations, payment from members for event, etc.) Please enter the donation type and source in the “Name” field, provide a brief description if needed, and enter the amount in the “Income Amount” field.
Picture 7
Picture 8

9. Lastly, click “+ Add Item” in the “Expenses” section to add each expense related to the event. You will need to select a “Line Item Category,” enter the line item in the “Name” field, provide a brief description if needed, and add the “Quantity” and “Cost” information.
Picture 9

10. Once your budget is complete, the “Requested Total” should be the amount that you are requesting from IU Funding Board. Press “Submit” when your application is complete.
Picture 10

***Please note that the Board may only fund a certain percentage of your initiative based on criteria in the “Additional Information” section of the application. Please see the IU Funding Board Bylaws for more information on the criteria breakdown.***